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Bold Concept for FILIPPA K

A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.

Founded in 1993, Filippa K has been a trailblazer in fashion, pioneering the now-iconic Scandinavian minimalism. The brand identified a market need for simple, well-crafted garments that are grounded in the practicalities of daily life while balancing style with comfort seamlessly. These principles are brilliantly encapsulated in the design concept used for the Pair Fashion Week POP UP that we produced and installed for the brand.

Featuring a sleek and very elegant design, the setup highlighted the purity of material selection and color palettes, designed to make the showcased apparel, shoes, and accessories stand out strikingly. All surfaces were covered with a soft material, which not onlyenhanced the aesthetic appeal but also guaranteed a high cuddle factor, serving as a poignant contrast to the purity and sophistication of the overall execution.

Pure minimal design

This event not only displayed Filippa K’s commitment to minimalism but also demonstrated the brand’s innovative approach to creating engaging, tactile environments that resonate with the contemporary consumer. The POP UP provided an immersive experience that allowed visitors to connect with the essence of the brand—simplicity, functionality, and elegance—within a meticulously curated space that echoes the brand’s ethos.

"Working with Retail Monkeys was an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence exceeded our expectations."

John Doe

CEO, XYZ Company

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